Ask Dave

Will my Fiance and I get a chance to meet with you before our wedding?

Absolutely! Dave will sit-down with you at least once before the Big day to go over music and the itinerary.

How much time does it take for you to set-up your equipment?

For most events we will be there about an hour prior to the beginning of your event.

Do you take breaks during our party?

No, the music will be playing continuously during the entire reception from start to finish.

Will you handle all of the announcements?

All of our entertainers are professionals who are very comfortable on the microphone and will provide all of the announcements.

How do your DJ's dress for our event?

All of our entertainers always come appropriately dressed based on the occasion. Please let us know if you have a preference.

Do the guys need a meal or drinks?

Our entertainers work very hard during your event. A hot meal with a non-alcoholic beverage is certainly appreciated.

Will your DJ's take requests?

As long as it falls in the play-list type of music we are using, we certainly will do our best to accommodate requests from your guests.

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